Ninja Cream Roll

Getting a Ninja requires hard education and takes an eternity. This is the ultimate "How To Get A Ninja" guide.

@Kyoto it all begins

Starting the education the Manga Museum in Kyoto is mandatory.

Manga Museum Kyoto

There the aspiring warrior gets all the theories. How to speak, sneak, what to wear. Full contact sword combat while wearing blind making black coats in the middle of the night is a piece of cake afterwards.

Ninja Manga

After getting 1st degree everything surrounding you looks like within the manga. You ar IN the manga. Evidence? Here you go:

Inner Court Nijo Castle

Let's go practice

Somewhere near Fujiyoshida there is a hidden Ninja Base Camp. I was lucky to get entrance.

There you improve your basic weapon skills. Like throwing rubber made throwing stars on a styrofoam target and make them stick.

Rubber Made Throwing Stars

In competition with other aspiring warriors.

Throwing Star Crowd

Indoor skills are also tested. If you get catched you probably don't survive.


At the end of the education there is a senior level ninja show which can't be filmed or photographed. The aspiring warrior humbly watches to the end and spends applause.

Ninja Cream Roll