@HomeOffice during corona

I'm one of the lucky persons who actually can work from home. It takes some refinements on different aspects of your normal life to function well.

Week #1

My workroom is in the basement and rarely used for daily work. Until now. Basically it was my computer game den.

Starting working there made one thing clear: daylight ist important! I hastily grabbed all light bulbs I had and made working feel sunbathing.


With all the lights on I realised my office was a bit messy. I decided to clean up. Obviously I was right - I found strange things. Suse 7.1 was in 2001 ... thats 19 years ago.

Here we go

I dumped part of my old computer books (Java 6, MySQL 5, Oracle 8, Android 2, ...). +30kg Books made of paper!

On day 4 I started the remote daily in style.

First surprise

The next day a secondary pandemic started. Nice.

Pandemic started

For finish we had a virtual binge drinking. Cheers.

Week #2

I actually had my holday which I spent in the Alps as usual.

Snowbaording Snowbaording Snowbaording

Rest of the week was unspectacular. Felt like being in the office.

Business As Usual

Remote Tequila Party

At weekend we started our first remote theme party with friends.

Remote Partying

Week #3

Sports is more or less the only thing allowed outside by the german government at the moment. Because this is a perfect antodote of getting crazy in the basement I started early morning exercises.

Early Morning Exercise

Week #4


Week #5


Week #6


Stay Home is the new normal.